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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Phishing Test 3: Please Check On This

Bogus message, apparently from a coworker, leads to fake Dropbox login.

You may have received this forged as "from" a coworker using a non-UMN email address. If you clicked on the link you will be directed to this blog entry.

Message text:

[Name of Colleague] 
Hello -
I'm out of the office and need someone's input on this. Can you double check this and get back to me? If you think someone else should handle it, let me know.
     2018 plan

Login page:

Fake Dropbox login page with a "sign-in" button above
Fake Dropbox login page with a "sign-in" button above

Things to note:

  • Email name does not match the actual email address
  • Email name is (mangled) version of a real out-of-office coworker'
  • Email has no specifics about what "2018 plan" is referenced.
  • Document hosted at Dropbox - not a UMN affiliated service

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