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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Advisory: Unexpected Emails

An example of  spam emails that may be trolling for personal information!

Message Text

Subject: New resources for education


Apple-Edu would like to share a special opportunity to you - a sweepstakes offering resources and equipment you can use! Please share anyone with who may wish to consider this - thanks!

    Learn More <<-link



Web Form
Web form used to troll for user email addresses
Web form used to troll for  user email addresses

Things to Note

  • Is this message plausible? Is there any reason that you would receive this message?
  • If the message is delivered to your email - why does their form request your email address?
  • If this message was sent from a specific organization/company - where is the URL hosted?
  • Is the person sending it from the company represented?
  • Use "mark as spam" - this will help filter such messages in the future
  • Report suspicious email to University Information Security - phishing@umn.edu

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