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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Advisory: Logging into University Google resources.

Note: This is an updated reminder of what logging into Google resources should look like (June, 2017). 

From time to time, you will see phishing schemes that claim to be a Google Doc. Most recently, many have received a scam letter titled "I've shared an item with you." The "google link" in the email doesn't go to Google, of course - and it may present a login that looks like this:

Currently, a REAL Google login should look like this:

Current Google App Login (May 2017)
Current Google App Login (June 2017)

But, be careful. Looking like this is not enough.

(PLEASE note - if you are  already logged in to gmail, following a link to a google doc should NOT present you with a login - you're already logged in.)


  1. You ARE prompted to login to a resource for the University, 
  2. AND you receive the Google prompt,
  3. DO NOT enter your password.
  4. Just present your email address, e.g. internet-id@umn.edu
Like this:
Logging into Google with an @umn.edu account
Logging into Google with an @umn.edu account

If it's legitimate, you may next see:
(You'll see this if Google thinks you have two versions of NAME@umn,edu, Choose "Organizational")
You'll be sent to the U's authentication system where you will do your real Internet ID + Password login on this screen: 

University Login page

Remember, if legitimate, THIS login page will be hosted at an address that ends in "umn.edu." If it isn't, it is unlikely to be a real login page and you should report it to phishing@umn.edu.

(note: We present this post on a regular basis so that it reflects the current user experience for logging into Google resources. When there are updates to the Google or University experience, we will update it. The current version will be linked at http://z.umn.edu/RealLogon)

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