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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Advisory: Active Phishing Campaign Targeting Student Email Accounts

Federal Student Aid (FSA) has identified a malicious phishing campaign that may lead to potential fraud associated with student refunds and aid distributions.

If you have any concerns about any suspicious financial aid messages you receive, contact One Stop for assistance: 

What is happening: Multiple institutions of higher education (IHEs) have reported that attackers are using a phishing email to obtain access to student accounts via the IHE student portal (see example phishing email below). The nature of the requests indicates the attackers have done some level of research and understand the schools’ use of student portals and methods. These attacks are successful due to student compliance in providing requested information and the use of just one factor for authentication.
Upon gaining access to the portal, the attacker changes the student’s direct deposit destination to a bank account controlled by the attacker. As a result, FSA refunds intended for the student are sent to the attacker. FSA believes that attackers are practicing and refining the scheme on a smaller scale now and that this will emerge as a prominent threat against IHEs during periods when FSA funds are disseminated in large volumes.

 Example of phishing message
Example of phishing message

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