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Friday, July 29, 2016

Advisory : Reporting an ‘I.R.S.’ Telephone Scam

(from the NYTimes)

Reporting an ‘I.R.S.’ Telephone Scam
Tech Tip

Q. With phishing email, I can forward the message to the authorities, but how do you officially report those obvious phone scams from robot voices purporting to be from the Internal Revenue Service?

A. Phone calls and answering machine messages claiming to be from the I.R.S. and demanding money for alleged tax bills can happen year-round. The messages left on an answering machine often use awkward phrasing and sound distinctly like a computer reciting script with its text-to-speech function and synthesized voice.

If you have filed your return, do not owe any taxes and have deduced that the call is a hustle, you can file a report on the website of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which has a special form for I.R.S. Impersonation Scam Reporting. You can also send an email message with the subject line “I.R.S. Phone Scam” to phishing@irs.gov to report the call. In either case, include the number you were asked to call and any other information about the experience. ...


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