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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Phishing Example 43: "Dear Account User." Gmail spoof

A clever email has been making the rounds, using a PDF security notice. It claims to be from gmail, and it directs users to a fake gmail login - the mail reads:
Dear Account User. Attached Account Verification Letter.
The Gmail Support Team!
Attached is a PDF:
IF a user clicks on the link (please don't!) they'll go to a fake (but very plausible) gmail login page:

(note: this web link will no longer work within the University network.)
If that wasn't enough, users who give a name and password, will be asked to supply a phone number and alternate email address!

If you, or anyone you know were deceived by this spam, tell them to go to the my account page at https://www.umn.edu/myaccount and change their password immediately, and report the incident to phishing@umn.edu.

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