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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Phishing Example 124: the Outlook / Exchange email

Received February 2016

Things to note:

  • references Outlook/Exchange - not gmail
  • no UMN branding
  • Weblink went to a NON-umn.edu website (and not gmail, either)
  • Received on 2/10, dated 2/11 - sender was in Australia

*Sent:* Thursday, 11 February 2016 3:17 AM
*Subject:* the Outlook / Exchange email


*Impacted Groups: 2016 Outlook/Exchange Users*

*Monday Feburary 10, 2016 from 07:00pm to 2:00am*

*If you are receiving this message, the Outlook / Exchange email servers
that provide your email service will undergo scheduled
maintenance tonight, Feburary 10, 2016 from 07:00pm to 2:00am *

*Please Click here <hxxp://xxxxxxxx/outlookapp/main.html> and log in to
your Outlook client prior before 07:00 PM today to enable auto backup
of all information's on your mailbox, if you do not log into the auto
backup portal, you may lose the connection to your mailbox including all
your information's during the maintenance. *

*If you find it difficult to send or receive messages from your Outlook
client after the maintenance period, or tomorrow morning, please close
Outlook and then log in again. *

*We regret this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.*


*This is a Broadcast e-mail sent on behalf of the Sender and/or Department.
If you wish to respond, please follow the contact instructions in the
message ONLY.*

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