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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Advisory: Facebook Phonies

Fraudulent pages attempt to lure incoming students into fake University Facebook Groups.

Each year as students confirm their enrollment to the University of Minnesota, they receive an official Welcome email that lists next steps—such as reminders to apply for financial aid and housing—and other options to consider before their New Student Orientation in the summer. 
Included in that email is information about a closed Facebook group created by the University of Minnesota that is just for students in the incoming class. The University works to verify that only confirmed freshmen are accepted to the group so that these students can connect with others in their cohort without the distraction of marketing efforts or misrepresentation. 
Students should be aware that an official University of Minnesota Facebook page or group would never:
•    endorse or promote the purchase of commercial products or services that are unaffiliated with the University of Minnesota;
•    ask for personal or student data, such as a student ID, social security number or other personal identification data;
•    solicit payment or purchasing information for any reason through these channels.
As for outside entities, actions are limited when a page clearly identifies itself as unofficial, independently run and unaffiliated with the University. In some circumstances, Off-Campus Living - a unit of the Office for Student Affairs - will join unofficial groups to monitor for and respond to questions within the unit's area of focus. If an applicant has questions about a particular page or group, they are encouraged to contact Orientation & Transition Experiences.

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